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MS Office mai use hone wali important Shortcut keys jo aapke MS Office ke kam ko aasan bana skta hai.
MS Office mai use hone wali important Shortcut keys jo aapke MS Office ke kam ko aasan bana skta hai.

Most Important Short Keys for MS Office

Microsoft Office mai mostly sabhi log kam krte hai. But bahut kam logo ko Shortcut Keys ka gyan hota hai. MS Office Shortcut keys ka gyan naa hone ke karan bahut time karab hota hai. To dosto aaj hum aapko MS Office mai use hone wali most important shortcut keyes ki list provide karne jaa rha hu jisse aap apne kam ko aasan bana skte hai.


Ctrl+N- Create a new document
Ctrl+O- Open a document
Ctrl+W- Close a document
Alt+Ctrl+S- Split the document windows
Alt+Shift+C- Remove the document window split
Ctrl+S- Save a document
Ctrl+X- Cut selected text to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+Z- Undo the last action.
Ctrl+C- Copy selected text or graphics to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+X- Cut selected text or graphics to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+V- Paste the most recent addition to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+E- Switch a paragraph between centered and left- aligned.
Ctrl+J- Switch a paragraph between justified and left- aligned.
Ctrl+R- Switch a paragraph between right- aligned and left- aligned.
Ctrl+L- Left align a paragraph.
Ctrl+M- Indent a paragraph from the left.
Ctrl+P- Print a document.
Ctrl+Shift+M- Remove a paragraph indent from the left.
Ctrl+T- Create a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Shift+T- Reduce a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Q- Remove paragraph formatting.
Ctrl+- Hyphen – Create a Non breaking Hyphen
Ctrl+B- Make letters BOLD
Ctrl+I- Make letters ITALIC
Ctrl+U- Make letters UNDERLINED
Ctrl+F2- Choose the Print Preview command Button .
Ctrl+F3- Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+F4- Close the window.
Ctrl+F6- Go to the next window.
Ctrl+F9- Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+F10- Maximize the document window.
Ctrl+F11- Lock a field.
Ctrl+F12- Choose the Open command Button
Ctrl+Shift+<- Decrease font size one value
Ctrl+Shift+>- Increase font size one value
Ctrl+[- Increase the font size by 1 point.
Ctrl+]- Decrease the font size by 1 point.
Ctrl+Space- Remove paragraph or character formatting.
Ctrl+C- Copy the selected text or object.
Ctrl+X- Cut the selected text or object.
Ctrl+V- Paste text or an object.
Ctrl+Alt+V- Paste special
Ctrl+Shift+V- Paste formatting only
Ctrl+Z- Undo the last action.
Ctrl+Y- Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Shift+G- Open the Word Count dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+- Hyphen- A nonbreaking hyphen
Ctrl+Shift+Space- A nonbreaking space
Alt+Ctrl+C- The copyright symbol
Alt+Ctrl+R- The registered trademark symbol
Alt+Ctrl+T- The trademark symbol
Ctrl+Shift+C- Copy formatting from text.
Ctrl+Shift+V- Apply copied formatting to text.
Alt+F1- Go to the next field.
Alt+F3- Create a new Building Block.
Alt+F4- Exit Word 2007.
Alt+F5- Restore the program window size.
Alt+F6- Move from an open dialog box back to the document, for dialog boxes such as Find and Replace that support this behavior.
Alt+F7- Find the next misspelling or grammatical error.
Alt+F8- Run a macro.
Alt+F9- Switch between all field codes and their results.
Alt+f10- Maximize the program window.
Alt+F11- Display Visual Basic code.
Shift+F1- Start context- sensitive Help or reveal formatting.
Shift+F2- Copy text.
Shift+F3- Change the case of letters.
Shift+F4- Repeat a Find or Go To action.
Shift+F5- Move to the last change.
Shift+F6- Go to the previous pane or frame after pressing F6.
Shift+F7- Choose the Thesaurus command Review tab, Proofing group.
Shift+F8- Shrink a selection.
Shift+F9- Switch between a field code and its result.
Shift+F10- Display a shortcut menu.
Shift+F11- Go to the previous field.
Shift+F12- Choose the Save command Button .
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left- Promote a paragraph.
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right- Demote a paragraph.
Ctrl+Shift+N- Demote to body text.
Alt+Shift+Arrow Up- Move selected paragraphs up.
Alt+Shift+Arrow Down- Move selected paragraphs down.
Alt+Shift++ – Expand text under a heading.
Alt+Shift+- – Collapse text under a heading.
Alt+Shift+A- Expand or collapse all text or headings.
Alt+Shift+L- Show the first line of body text or all body text.
Alt+Shift+1- Show all headings with the Heading 1 style.
Alt+Shift+N- Show all headings up to Heading.
Ctrl+Tab- Insert a tab character.
Alt+Ctrl+I- Switch in or out of print preview.
Page Up/Page Down- Move by one preview page when zoomed out.
Ctrl+Home- Move to the first preview page when zoomed out.
Ctrl+End- Move to the last preview page when zoomed out.
Backspace- Delete one character to the left.
Ctrl+Backspace- Delete one word to the left.
Delete- Delete one character to the right.
Ctrl+Delete- Delete one word to the right.
Alt+F3- When text or an object is selected, open the Create New Building Block dialog box.
Shift+f10- When the building block for example, a Smart Art graphic is selected, display the shortcut menu that is associated with it.
Ctrl+Shift+F3- Paste the Spike contents.
Alt+Shift+R- Copy the header or footer used in the previous section of the document.
Ctrl+F9- A field
Shift+Enter- A line break
Ctrl+Enter- A page break
Ctrl+Shift+Enter- A column break
Alt+Ctrl+- Minus Sign- An em dash
Ctrl+- Minus Sign- An en dash
Ctrl+Shift+Space- Create a Non breaking Space
F1- Get Help or visit Online.
F2- Move text or graphics.
F4- Repeat the last action.
F5- Choose the Go To command Home tab.
F6- Go to the next pane or frame.
F8- Extend a selection.
F7- Choose the Spelling command Review tab.
F9- Update the selected fields.
F10- Show KeyTips.
F11- Go to the next field.
F12- Choose the Save As command Button .



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